Folders & Specs

What are Projects?How do I know what to choose in “Manage Quantities & Locations” when creating a Project?How do I edit specs?How do I customize the display name of a specification or brand in my project?Can I create a spec template for my projects?Can I access Price Books and Spec Sheets to easily copy & paste information into my specifications?Which notes fields should I be using?What are “Nested Specs” and how can they help me link products within a given project?How do I swap out one product for another in my project?What if I can't find a product in the system and I need it for a project?What's the difference between "Custom" and "Standard" product stubs?What is a Quick Spec?What are Revisions and what do they do?Can I copy project specifications?Can I quickly download specification images from my project?How do I bulk request samples for projects?What does it mean to “Manage Quantities with Rooms”?What does it mean “Manage Quantities with Spaces”?How do you create Areas in the Spaces section?What happens if I add a product to a project and the product is later discontinued?How can I remove specs from a project?What if I'm working on a project that's top-secret and I don't want my colleagues to see it?Can I stop a Project from being edited after it's finished?How do I delete a project?Are there different ways to filter specs?How can I adapt Sub-folder filtering to meet my project’s needs?What are Standards?What are Spec Instances?Can I edit "some, not all" Spec Instances?