Can I stop a Project from being edited after it's finished?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

When working on a project, the default mode is “Active.” This means you may edit, update, and otherwise alter it as needed. However, when you conclude a project (or just stop working on it for an extended period of time), you may want to “Archive” it. 

“Active” and “Archived” explained

“Active” projects are live–they can be modified and edited: you may edit features, edit project settings, use the action bar, and link spec instances to spec standards. 

If the Project has already been revised, delivered, or in any way “finished,” and you wish to maintain all the project information in its current state, then you should Archive it. The project will still live in the firm’s account, and you will be able to enter it, but all spec information will be converted to read only: you will have no options for further editing without first reactivating it.

One important note: spec instances of archived projects will lose their link to the corresponding spec in Standards. If at some point in the future the project needs to be reactivated, spec instances will no longer be linked to their spec in Standards. Rather, the spec will appear in the reactivated project as another regular spec.

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