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How do you create Areas in the Spaces section?

There are multiple ways. See which one works best for you:

#1. Manually

Go to the Manage Areas tab. In the Create Area section, fill out the requested info. Once you create an area, you will be able to view it in the Overview tab. If you wish to add a Type to an area, you will first access the area in the Overview tab, then select “Add Type.”

#2. Bulk Creation

In the Manage Areas tab, click on “Bulk Create.” A window will appear prompting you to import a .csv file. You’ll also see an example of the specific columns and information the file must contain—note that each row must contain an entry in every column. Importing .csv files will not displace previous information from the Spaces section, so you may bulk create areas and types for your Projects as much as you wish. After uploading the .csv file, you will find the corresponding types for each area listed in the Overview tab.

#3. Sync them using DPSync Revit plugin (coming soon!)

This exciting new feature is almost 100% complete… Check back soon for the official launch announcement.