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How do I swap out one product for another in my project?

The Swap feature, located at the top right of the Edit Specification Page, allows for the swapping of one product out with another. This workflow allows you to swap out a product when all the information is the same, or mostly the same, but the product and/or brand are changing out.


There are two options to swap, by Brand Only or by Product and Brand.

When swapping by Brand Only: brand name and brand URL will be replaced. Available Sales Rep information for the newly selected brand will appear as well. All other spec info will remain the same. Keep in mind that the specification image may take a few seconds to copy over, so don’t be alarmed if you temporarily see “No image”.

When swapping by Product and Brand: specification's image, specification's name, brand name and brand URL will be replaced, available Sales Reps will appear for the new specification’s brand.