What is a Quick Spec?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

A way to add products quickly at the beginning stages of a project, Quick Spec requires basic fields of information only: category, code/tag, product name, and manufacturer name.

Once you’ve compiled more in-depth information for the spec, you’ll be able to edit it using more complex features including Customize Specification Display Info, Swap Feature, and–just as with any other product inside a project–the Edit and Quick Edit features. 

Need to immediately nest a Quick Spec?

There's also a Quick Nested option, which works exactly like Quick Spec, but offers the advantage of associating the new spec to a “parent,” or multiple parents, at the moment you create the spec. 

In the “Edit Spec” page of the Nested product, you’ll find a list of other products that are also nested under the selected spec. Any product created using Quick Nested can be edited just like any other regular product. 

If you’d like to disassociate the nested spec from its parent, simply go to the “Parent Edit Spec” page and remove the product from the nested section. This action will not remove the nested product from the project, but will only eliminate the relationship between the two products.

Because nested specs always live where the parent spec lives, you won’t need to fill out “Room” or “Spaces” information when using the Quick Nested feature. 

*Note: a Quick Nested spec will show an Area dropdown list only when the Hospitality Setting, “Area Dropdown,” and “Code/Tag Prefix” toggles are ON.

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