How do I know what to choose in “Manage Quantities & Locations” when creating a Project?

1 min. readlast update: 11.21.2023

Designer Pages offers two different ways of managing quantities for products. Each one fulfills different needs that a Project may have.

If you’re interested in entering quantities of products inside individual Rooms, then you should choose “Manage Quantities with Rooms”. (Read article here

If your Project is larger-scale and requires you to organize Rooms in Types and Areas, then you should choose “Manage Quantities with Spaces”. (Read article here

Every time you create a Project, you’ll need to choose which option works best for your workflow. Once you choose which option fits best within your Project and Specifications, you will no longer be able to change from one section to the other to keep track of the product’s quantities. If you think you’ve made a mistake and would like to change the option you’ve chosen, please start a chat with us below in the right corner.

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