What are Revisions and what do they do?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Revisions is a feature that creates new versions of the same specification to help you keep track of changes in your spec. To know which revision of your specification you’re currently working with, simply look for your spec in the Project Product page, where you’ll find the number listed at the bottom of each spec. By default, all initial specifications (prior to making any revisions to them) live under revision number R0.

Revisions offers several features to help you manage product revisions more efficiently. As seen below, the Revision toolbar contains a dropdown menu and four buttons.


To select a particular revision for a given spec, click on the dropdown arrow to display your spec’s revision numbers and select the one you need. Then click on the “New” button. This action will generate a new revision with an exact copy of the selected revision's information. After creating the new revision, you can edit the specification and save the changes without affecting the previous versions.

The Right and Left Arrow buttons (also known as the LOG buttons) enable you to compare different revisions made to a spec. The Right Arrow button lets you compare spec information between any revision and the most recent revision. The Left Arrow button allows you to compare spec information between the current revision selected and the previous one. When working with the Log function, all fields that have been edited are highlighted in red, enabling you to keep track of the changes made from one revision to the next.


Lastly, the REVERT button (the red arrow icon) lets you revert the most current revision to the previous revision, one revision number at a time.

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