What is the “Vendor Directory”?

3 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

The Vendor Directory feature allows you to create a comprehensive list of Vendors that you may access at any time for the purpose of linking them to specification packages. This allows you to create default vendors who will appear in connection with specific brands (or specific products categorized under a brand) when those brands or products are specified. 

How to Create your Vendor Directory

The Vendor Directory is specific to each firm. Users are responsible for creating their directory and for adding vendors and updating vendor information when needed.

To begin, Select “Vendor Directory” and click the “Add Vendor” button in the right rail. This action will open information fields for you to fill in including type of vendor (Sales Rep, Artisan, Consultant, etc…), name, company name, website, email, phone number, and address. You’ll also see options for additional information fields if you’d like to provide more in-depth information for a vendor. Examples include assigning priority (if multiple vendors represent the same brand, you may identify them as primary, secondary, or other); identifying the category of product the vendor typically represents; and identifying the products’ typical market segment. You may also link vendors with specific brands or products: click “Add Brand” on the bottom right, then enter the brand, select it, and then select the vendor’s office that you would like to link to the brand. Although there’s no limit to the number of brands connected with each vendor, a vendor must be connected to at least one brand in order to link them to a product.

Lastly, you’ll find a section to add comments you’d like to share with colleagues, including notes, account numbers, and sample instructions.

Using the Directory

Once you’ve established a directory of multiple vendors, you may access it by entering the Vendor Directory section and browsing for vendors by name, brand, or product. You may also use the “Quick View” option to quickly access vendor information as well as the brand (or brands) and products the vendor is linked to. In order to modify vendor information, select the “edit vendor” button that appears in each vendor’s listing.

Other Options:

If you’re working in the “Edit Spec” page of a product, you may also add or edit vendors (referred to as “Sales Reps” in this section). Let’s say you’re specifying a product that you have not yet linked with a specific vendor, but you have a contact who represents the brand. Simply click on the “Sales Rep” dropdown list, select “Add New Sales Rep,” and fill in the information fields. The added vendor will be linked with the brand/product and will also be saved to your Vendor Directory. Any changes you make to a Sales Rep listing will be updated in the Vendor Directory as well.

Many users choose to get started with their Vendor Directory by importing .csv files containing lists of vendors. If you need assistance with data transfer via .csv, feel free to contact us at support@designerpages.com .  

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