2024.01.15_Welcome to Designer Pages' Redesign Phase 1!

3 min. readlast update: 01.30.2024

We're excited to announce that Designer Pages PRO is being re-designed and today we launched the very first phase. 

No surprise, we’ve started with the header bar since it’s persistent on every page across the platform. Like our new logo? We’ll be talking more about this logo refresh in a future post! But pay attention to the new Browse, Search Auto-Complete, and Nav Elements. 


We’ve grouped related categories together so that it’s easier to find what you’re looking for now. For example, Seating & Chairs, Storage and Tables are now grouped together into Furniture alongside Textiles and Leathers, both of which are grouped under Furnishings. Further, the interface has been adjusted so that the sub-category layers do not disappear if you accidentally jerk your mouse out of the dropdown, which should create less friction for you as you navigate to the right category.

Search Autocomplete

We’ve added Folders and Vendors to the global Search Auto-Complete (pay attention to the tabs when the dropdown expands). You’ll also notice that the dropdown can be triggered and maneuvered with your keyboard for those power users that rely on shortcuts.

Nav Elements

We’ve consolidated your “personal” nav elements with your “firm” nav elements, all of which can be accessed beneath your avatar/initials. Your “History” is the only nav element that’s been stripped out into its own dropdown since all our users agree these quick links to your active projects are super, duper helpful. And we have a big, new feature coming soon within the History dropdown so stay tuned!    


Also, check out the new Dashboard. The goal here is to clear out the prior clutter and help you put eyes on the information you want (and nothing more). You may have never known this, but we’re constantly featuring new products on our sister platform, 3rings, and wanted you to stay apprised of the latest and greatest products hitting the street. Lastly, you'll notice a "What's New" module so you can keep up with all updates as soon as they go live. 

More and more new pages will continue launching over the coming weeks (next up are all the Project/Standard pages) so get pumped for DP 2.0! We know we are!                                                                                            

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