Is there a way to access a list of my recent exports?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Export Log helps users monitor the status of report requests in Projects. The feature provides a time log of each report request from when the initial request is made until the report is delivered. In addition to providing real time information on report delivery status, Export Log tracks which reports have been generated and which are in progress. By providing time of request and time of completion for each report, Export Log reduces export request repetitions, thus increasing efficiency. Users may also access reports within Export Log simply by clicking on the report file name—an additional time saver since it enables users to view completed reports without having to browse their email for notification of completion. 

Using Export Log

Click the Export Log tab to the left of the Project window. You’ll see the name of the report, the day of the report request, and the name of the requesting user, along with three columns identifying the status of all requests: “Queued,” “Started,” and “Completed.” Export Log displays the time that each of these actions has occurred. Recent report requests will quickly appear in the Queued column after they’re made, although there may be occasional delays of a few minutes if multiple users are requesting reports at the same time. Completed reports will remain listed for 30 days. 


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