How do I modify the date on my exports?

2 min. readlast update: 11.03.2023

Faster, But Less Control 

Perfect for small projects with limited revisions.

In the upper right corner of the project page, click the "More" drop-down and select "Project Dates". Next, select an "Event" such as Issued or Submitted, assign the corresponding date, and click the "+" button to add the "Event" to the list. Last step, designate which dates you want to be Date 1 and Date 2. Typically, Date 1 would be the initial submission date and Date 2 would be the future revision dates.

A Little Slower, But Complete Control 

Better for large projects with ongoing revisions.

In a very similar fashion, you can also designate different dates for individual specs. To accomplish this, go to the Edit spec page for the applicable spec and click on the “Spec Dates” icon at the top right of the page. The interface is identical to the Project Dates interface described above.  

Given that it can be overly tedious to manage Spec Dates per item one at a time, you can also bulk assign Spec Dates. Located within the top action bar, this feature allows you to quickly assign Spec Dates by filtrating the spec list, selecting all specs in view, and bulk assigning Spec Dates to the set, saving you the trouble of having to edit each spec individually.   

*Note, Spec Dates work best in conjunction with Revisions.

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