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How can I use Tasks to bring items from Revit into Designer Pages?

Tasks in Designer Pages and DP Sync for Revit will allow you to bring items from Revit that are not yet in Designer Pages. To do this, you will need to first create the project you would like to sync to in Designer Pages, and make sure that you have at least one specification in the project.

Next, go to Tasks in DP Sync in Revit, select the project you would like to sync to, and click "Load Family Tasks". This will search for all Revit families with a typemark, and will pair them with any existing Tasks from your Designer Pages project with a matching Code/Tag. Select the families you would like to sync, remember to select Quick Stub column for each component as well, and finally click "Update DP Tasks". This will push all selected family information back to Designer Pages.

Go to your Designer Pages Project and you'll notice all the families from Revit have been populated as Quick Specs.

This workflow allows designers to start with a generic list of items that need to be specified before actual specifications have been selected, and once they have been selected, swap them to the corresponding product and brand.

NOTE: This is an older version of how TASKS used to work. Now it's main objective is to create Quick Stubs in Designer Pages Project, so make sure you mark down the column for each family.