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Can I modify the date on my exports?

Yes. In the upper right corner of the project page, click the "More" drop-down and select "Project Status". Next, select an "Event" such as Issued or Submitted, assign the corresponding date, and click the "+" button to add the "Event" to the list. Last step, designate which events you want to be Date 1 and Date 2.

You can also designate different dates for individual project specifications. To accomplish this, go to the Edit Specification Page for the specification you want to edit and click on the status icon at the top right of the page. Here you can setup dates in the same way. 

We recently added a third option on how to add dates to your exports, and this is by using โ€œSpec Datesโ€. This new feature, located at the top Action Bar, was developed with the goal of assigning Event Dates to selected specifications filtered by particular categories, saving you the trouble of having to edit each spec individually, or mixing up project level information. Try them out and see which option works best for you!

Note: If no date is applied to any spec or to the Project, and the report has the logic to print out submission dates, the date that will print is the date you're creating the report.